Exchange Lab: Connecting Morocco with the Rest of the World

Exchange Lab: Connecting Morocco with the Rest of the World

“Connecting Morocco with the rest of the world…” it’s more than just a company slogan to the co-founder and manager of Casablanca’s newest language and cultural exchange institution, Exchange lab, opened in September of 2017.


The facility’s aim is to bring cultures together through language education and cultural exchange. Calling it Exchange Lab was a natural development considering their mandate. The institution relies on a unique teaching method that emphasizes the dominance of the aspect of culture in languages, and teaches English and Arabic accordingly. Exchange Lab also works on bridging cultural divides through the production of short documentaries and is currently working on a number of projects in collaboration with foreign embassies in Morocco designed to bring cultures together while highlighting the compelling perspectives that make them interesting in each other’s eyes.

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After indulging in many conversations with foreigners about different topics related to culture, the co-founder of Exchange Lab, Ezzoubeir Jabrane was struck by the many points of commonality that exist within the totally different perspectives and worldviews embedded in different cultures. According to him, a flawless intercultural dialogue and exchange can be quite successful in solving many of today’s conundrums if those involved in the dialogue are conscious of their own identity and at the same time willing to occasionally step out of it in order to understand the other’s perspective.


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“Our mission is to build on our similarities and enjoy our differences,” says Jabrane accentuating that our differences is what pulls us together as humans and not what separate us. Jabrane’s partner, Hafid Alaoui, a Moroccan Canadian entrepreneur and investor who has been campaigning for the use of English as a second language in Morocco since it represents a chance for Moroccans to connect with many nations worldwide, also shares the same vision on importance of exchange especially for the Moroccan youth.


Videos produced to date include a westerner’s perspective on Moroccan cultural topics such as the Moroccan wedding and the Kingdom’s love affair with Couscous.



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