Flooding in Macedonia kills at least 15 people

Military called out to deal with devastating floods.

Ivana Ramadanova and Dzihat Aliju - SKOPJE, Macedonia (AA) – Flooding in Macedonia has killed 15 people and six remain missing as heavy rains hit the Balkan country over the past 24 hours.

Macedonia’s Ministry of Interior said on Sunday that 22 people had also been injured in and around the capital, Skopje.

Interior Ministry spokeswoman Nataliya Spirova Kordic told Anadolu Agency the authorities were fearful of a possible increase in the death toll.

Kordic confirmed that the military had been called out to deal with the flooding, which has damaged homes, workplaces and buried cars.

Skopje’s municipality will hold an emergency meeting on Sunday afternoon.

*Can Erözden contributed to this story from Ankara




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