Solar powered Turkish vehicle finishes 2nd in international race in France

Solar powered Turkish vehicle finishes 2nd in international race in France

Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Solaris Solar Vehicle Team ranks 2nd in International Solar Car Contest.

Photo Correspondent : Dokuz Eylül University, Anadolu Agency



According to a written statement from the only team invited from Turkey, DEU Solaris Solar Car Team, competed with their car named "Destech Solaris", in Albi Racetrack in France, on 25-27 May as the competition was organized for the second time, this year.

DesTech Solaris completed the final round of the "long run", which was held in four different categories, by completing 90 laps and finished the race in second place.

The deputy head of the DEU, Dr. Erdal Çelik noted that the Solaris team achieved a significant success and said, "As DEU, we are working on alternative energy sources. Solar energy is a source of energy for the future, and I wholeheartedly congratulate our Solaris team representing our country successfully in France. ", he said.

DEÜ Engineering Faculty Mechanical Engineering Department Lecturer, Ayteç Gören stated that DesTech Solaris, the fifth solar-powered car they designed and produced, has gone 392 kilometers in the race.

Having performed the highest speed among the vehicles they have designed and produced up to now, of 148.5 km per hour. They have stated that they are continuing to develop the "DeMobil 35" electric vehicle for the TUBITAK Electro Mobil 2018 Competition. They have already completed the design for the WSC 2019- S9 "vehicle to start production.


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