Somalia: Roadside bomb hits bus, kills 17 in Mogadishu

According to an eyewitness, bomb attack left passengers 'shredded'.

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AA) - At least 17 bus passengers were killed and three others were injured in a roadside bomb attack near the Somali capital Mogadishu early Thursday, eyewitnesses told Anadolu Agency.

Minna Ahmed, a Mogadishu resident who was present at the scene, said the bodies in the vehicle were shredded following the attack.

“The vehicle had a capacity of 20 seats. Only three passengers survived, although they were seriously injured, "she added.

The injured were immediately transported to a nearby hospital in Mogadishu.

Although such attacks are usually attributed to the al-Shabaab militant group, there was no immediate claim to the attack.

Last week, the militant group killed at least 10 people, including a Somali minister in an attack on a local hotel in Mogadishu.





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