In Mersin, Sarıkeçili nomads prepare for migration

In Mersin, Sarıkeçili nomads prepare for migration

In the south of Turkey, the nomads of Sarıkeçili, the last representatives of the nomadic way of life, are preparing for migration before the summer.

Photography: Hüseyin Haskan, Anadolu Agency

The Sarıkeçililer who perpetuate the tradition of millennial nomadism in Anatolia begin to prepare for the spring migration to Konya and Karaman after having felt the arrival of warmer weather in the region of Mersin.

They prepare butter and cheese for the road, clothes to protect them from the sometimes severe weather on the plateau, they finish the preparations.

Before traditional migration, festivities take place in the village of Işıklı, near Silifke.

With the participation of the Silifke sub-prefect, Şevket Cinbir, the Mersin Ak Party MP, Yılmaz Tezcan and the District Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Yusuf Gün and local residents, Islamic rituals take place.

Protocol members listen to the Sarıkeçililer's problems by examining the preparations for the migration of one of the last nomadic tribes in Turkey.

Ümit Dönmez


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