Turkey, Northern Syria: Today's fight against Daesh, 22 September 2016

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Two rockets from Syria hit southeastern Turkey. At least nine pepople injured, including six children. Turkish airstrikes kill 40 Daesh terrorists in northern Syria.

Two rockets from Syria hit southeastern Turkey.

KILIS, Turkey (AA) - Two rockets fired from Syria hit central Kilis in southeastern Turkey on Thursday, injuring at least nine people, according to a security source.

A 70-year-old woman and six children, one of whom is 10 months-old, were among the injured after the rockets struck Kilis city center.

Following the incident, ambulances and police rushed to the scenes.

The nine injured were taken to Kilis State Hospital by ambulance. Neither was reported to face life-threatening injuries.

Bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on the rocket, the source added.

Kilis province lies six kilometers (four miles) from the Syrian border. 

Turkey has been under indiscriminate rocket attack from inside Syria since mid-January. 

In Kilis alone, the governor said that so far this year more than 20 people have been killed and more than 80 others wounded in such incidents.


Turkish airstrikes destroy 5 Daesh targets in northern Syria.

The Turkish Armed Forces had responded immediately to the attack by shelling Daesh positions with howitzers and multiple rocket launchers, according to military sources.

Five Daesh targets in northern Syria were destroyed Thursday as part of Operation Euphrates Shield, the Turkish army said. 

The Turkish Air Forces carried out airstrikes against Daesh targets in the Suvayrin, Al Athariyah, and Tall Ar regions and destroyed five buildings used as command posts and weapon stations, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement.

Under the operation, coalition forces also neutralized 40 Daesh terrorists through 20 airstrikes in the Bahvurtah, Tall Ar, Kadris, Al Athariyah, Caqqa and Idalat regions.

Operation Euphrates Shield began last month and saw Free Syrian Army fighters, backed by the Turkish military, take control of Jarabulus from Daesh. 

Turkey has said the operation aims to bolster border security, support coalition forces, and eliminate the threat posed by terror organizations, especially Daesh. 


Turkish Free Syrian Flag


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