US regrets deadly airstrike on Syria regime forces

Russia calls UN Security Council meeting after 80 soldiers killed in coalition airstrike that hits regime forces.


NEW YORK (AA) – An Obama administration official late Saturday expressed regret for the "unintentional loss of life" for an airstrike by coalition forces that killed 80 Syrian regime troops, according to The Associated Press.

At least 80 Syrian forces died and almost 100 others were injured Saturday during an anti-Daesh coalition attack on a military base in eastern Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said earlier in the day.

The Russian mission to the UN has called an extraordinary Security Council meeting following the deadly airstrike, slated for 7.30 p.m. ET (1130GMT) Saturday.

The air operation was carried out near Deir ez-Zour airport using the 2 F-16 and 2 A-10 aircraft belonging to coalition forces, according to a statement issued by the Russian Defense Ministry's Facebook account.

The Pentagon said coalition aircraft conducted an airstrike south of Deir ez-Zour that was “halted immediately” after Russia informed the U.S.-led coalition “that it was possible the personnel and vehicles targeted were part of the Syrian military.

“Coalition forces believed they were striking a Da’esh fighting position that they had been tracking for a significant amount of time before the strike,” Central Command said in statement.

The crisis comes in the wake of a Russia-U.S. brokered week-long humanitarian cease-fire, and just days before the UN General Assembly gathers more than 190 world leaders for its annual summit.



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