Syrian refugees returning to Jarabulus

Number of Syrians who left Turkey for Jarabulus has reached 1,200 in past four days, Turkish officials say.


Kerem Kocalar and Mehmet Akif Parlak - GAZIANTEP, Turkey (AA) - Around 250 Syrian refugees in Turkey returned to the liberated Syrian city of Jarabulus on Sunday. 

According to the officials at Turkey's Karkamis border checkpoint, the group of refugees, including women and children, left the southeastern Gaziantep province after authorities approved their requests to do so.  

Jarabulus was cleared from Daesh as part of Operation Euphrates Shield, which began two weeks ago as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters, backed by the Turkish Armed Forces, took the city from the terrorist group. 

The number of Syrians who left Turkey for Jarabulus has reached 1,200 in the past four days, officials noted. 

Turkey, meanwhile, started to provide electricity gradually to Jarabulus late Saturday. 

Electricity to the Syrian city is supplied from Turkey's Karkamis electricity distribution center located near the Syrian border. 

After the lighting of street lamps, locals showed their support with applause.


Refugees return to Jarabulus

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