Russian judge who accepted anti-Putin lawsuit resigns

Written by Elena Teslova & Sibel Uğurlu on . Posted in Russia News

Judge Leskina appears to pay price for accepting Saratov resident's lawsuit demanding Putin's resignation in her court.

MOSCOW (AA) – A Russian judge who allowed a lawsuit to be filed against Russian President Vladimir Putin resigned Friday, an official Russian court statement said.

According to a statement posted on the website of Saratov regional court, Judge Tatyana Leskina’s resignation was accepted Friday after she appeared before an arbitration court last week.

A resident of Saratov on March 11 called for discharging Putin from his presidential post for allegedly impoverishing Russian people while only a select few in the country prospered. The plaintiff also declared the Russian president an "enemy of the Russian people".

Leskina had accepted the lawsuit in her court; however, the court later retracted the plaintiff’s petition on April 7, saying the Russian president enjoyed immunity under the Russian constitution.


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