More than 60 PKK terrorists 'neutralized' across Turkey in one week

Security operations resulted in the elimination of 66 terrorists and the thwarting of 14 attacks, 11 of them with hand-held explosives, according to data provided by the Ministry of the Interior.


AA - Ankara - Tuncay Çakmak - Turkish security forces neutralized 66 PKK terrorists in one week.

The Turkish Ministry of the Interior issued a statement on the fight against terrorism on Tuesday, stating that 401 operations were carried out in the week between 7 and 15 November 2016.

These operations helped to defeat 18 terrorist acts.

The security forces seized 1.5 tons of explosive materials, 31 homemade bombs, 82 weapons including 75 long-barreled guns and heavy weapons, 9 anti-tank mines, plus 189 grenades.

In addition, 41 shelters used by the terrorists were destroyed and 351 persons suspected of helping the terrorists were placed in police custody.

Sixty-six terrorists were neutralized during operations in one week. Security officials arrested six other terrorists, including one wounded, and one who surrendered.

In addition, security officers carried out operations to prevent the financing of the terrorist organization through the drug and smuggling networks. Large quantities of drugs were seized and 1,064 people involved in drug trafficking were arrested.

The security forces also carried out operations against international terrorism, during which 121 members of Daesh were arrested, of which 36 were detained.



Turk Silahli Kuvvetleri ve Bayrak

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