Big, Big World wins top honors at Adana Film Festival

Reha Erdem’s film centers on orphaned siblings set to enter real world.

Sebahattin Zeyrek - ADANA, Turkey (AA) – The latest drama by award-winning Turkish writer-director Reha Erdem, Big, Big, World (Koca Dünya), received the best film prize Saturday at the International Adana Film Festival.

It is Erdem’s tenth feature-length film and centers on the story of an orphan brother and sister who are set to enter the real world.

“Ali and Zuhal take their first step into this big world committing a crime and it becomes impossible for them to live among people. A boy and a girl that were thrown out of the civilized world would live the entire human story from scratch,” according to the movie’s plot.

Big, Big, World also received the Special Jury Prize at the Venice International Film Festival earlier on September.

The 23rd edition of the Turkish festival took place in the southern province of Adana. Turkish actor Tarık Akan who had died a few days before the start of the ceremony, was remembered in a vibrant hommage.

Winners include:

Best Director: Mehmet Can Mertoğlu, Album

Best Screenplay: Mehmet Can Mertoğlu, Album

Best Actress: Gizen Erdem, Rüya

Tarik Akan Best Actor: Menderes Samancılar, Babamın Kanatları

Best Music: Bajar, Babamın Kanatları

Best Cinematography: Florent Herry, Koca Dünya

Best Editing: Umut Sakallıoğlu, Babamın Kanatları

Adana Audience Award: İftarlık Gazoz by Yüksek Aksu


Adana International Film Festival 2016



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