The "Devil's Table" is in a Turkish paradise

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Legend says that when Satan was cast out of heaven by God, he was searching for a paradise on earth, then he landed in Balıkesir, beautiful site in northwestern Turkey, where one can still see giant footprints of Satan in ancient lava flows.


AA / Balıkesir (Turkey) / Written by Suat Salgın - Translated and edited by Ümit Dönmez - On the hilltops located just 5 miles from Ayvalık, in the Turkish province of Balıkesir (north-west), "Devil's Table", a legendary plateau, offers visitors a spectacle of breathtaking beauty.
The site overlooking the Aegean Sea, treat nature lovers with an exceptional view of the Gulf and the islands and the surrounding forests, as well as one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

"The plateau of the Devil" composed of old lava flows, owes its name to a legend saying that "when Satan was cast out of Heaven by God, he was searching for a Paradise on earth, it was then that he landed in this peculiar place on the hills, leaving his giant footprint on the rocks. " Presently, a giant iron cage surrounds the alleged footprint of Satan.
The beauty of the site and the legend attached to it make it a privileged place, visited by thousands of tourists both local and foreign, especially during the summer season.
"Devil's Table is one of the most beautiful sites in the northern Aegean region, the view overlooking the village is exceptional," said Rahmi Gençer, Mayor of Ayvalık, to Anadolu Agency. Thousands of people gather at the top every night, especially during the period from May to September, to watch the sunset while enjoying the breathtaking view of the islands, the Gulf of Edremit and the Kaz Mountain", he added.

The mayor concluded by stating his municipality's pride of their heritage and their devotion to preserve it, and to ensure the protection of the environment in this small village where the number of inhabitants explodes in the summer to reach up to 400 thousand people.

Ayvalık La Table du diable Empreinte de son pied
Devil's Table,  his footprint


Ayvalik Devil's TableAyvalik Devil's Table

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